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Welcome to the LOGIC74 project webpage!


Hi, I'm Markus.

Since my educational class of digital technologies, I was always interested in building my own digital machine.

In 2012, I built my first breadboard CPU on basis of the SP10/02 from Eckart Modrow. It worked perfectly and incredible fast.

I also bought the book The Elements of computing systems by Noam Nisan and Shimon Schocken, where you are going to build a CPU from one NAND-gate until you can play Tetris.

After a few tries with my own designs, reading books and watching Youtube videos, I ended up with the LOGIC74 project.

The Logic74 is a homebrew micro(macro)controller which is completely built from 74LSxxx logic gates.

The advantage of this microcontroller is the instruction set, which is inspired by the Microchip AVR microcontroller family. Although the internal processing steps might be a little bit different, the working procedures are mainly comparable with the AVR architecture. 

So, with the AVR architecture and working procedure in your mind, you will understand the LOGIC74 very easily.

Check out the LOGIC74 page to get more details about this microcontroller.

The aim of this project website is not to fully document the project, but to give you an overview and show you the design process behind. You should get an example for your own homebrew CPU design.

Join the ring?

To join the Homebuilt CPUs ring, drop Warren a line, mentioning your page's URL. He'll then add it to the list.
You will need to copy this code fragment into your page.
Note: The ring is chartered for projects that include a home-built CPU. It can emulate a commercial part, that′s OK. But actually using that commercial CPU doesn′t rate. Likewise, the project must have been at least partially built: pure paper designs don′t rate either. It can be built using any technology you like, from relays to FPGAs.

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